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​You have reached the website of Allen Coley, the Talkingscientist. 

I have a strong focus on contact center voice technology and the science that goes behind making customer contacts the best they can be. The foundation for my approach to contact center science is easy

  1. State the problem
  2. Observe it's conditions
  3. Form a hypothesis
    1. Research Causes:
      1. ​Brainstorm causes
    2. Eliminate the least likely causes
    3. Determine processes to duplicate the cause and effect
    4. ​What are the best and most effecient process that duplicate the issue
  4. Choose the best process
  5. State your hypothesis
  6. ​TEST!
  7. Once you have a solidified hypothesis determine a path to resolution

NEVER assume your hypothesis is correct, assume that it is not correct and that your job is to prove your hypothesis wrong.